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by Inio Asano

Although I find it too tedious to read about his mother's story, who is such a pathetic woman, entering her mid-life crisis, I still can't bring myself to rate this lower than 3*.
Why so? I think this manga touches some heavy questions that can be talked about ad nauseam, but there's no real answers. It's all about the perplexity of the human mind, thoughts, feelings, circumstances and the little details that make it all same or different from all other stories of all other people.

Especially interesting is when PunPun gets asked out by another girl, after having to give up on Aiko for the sake of doing the right thing and leaving her in the hands of another.

Sounds familiar? You can't find anything 'wrong' with the person, yet you don't seem to be comfortable with them?

Makes you wanna quit in mid-date although, again, nothing bad has happened to give you the reason to do so.

Then you catch yourself thinking how you felt when you were last comfortable with someone and you drift away, not listening to whatever your date's saying. It's simply horrible.

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