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by John Howard Yoder

I don't usually review books that I didn't finish, but in this case I thought the reason I didn't finish it was relevant to a review.

Yoder asserts that complete non-violence is an ethical imperative for every follower of Jesus. In his view, noble ends cannot justify violence. Instead, we should act peacefully and trust the outcome of all our actions to God. We are obligated to lives of peace, fairness and love, and no end-goal can abrogate those obligations. At all times, we must put the welfare of others on par with our own.

This may be visionary or this may be preposterous. Either way, it is not matched by the way Yoder practices scholarship. His book seems instead focused on achieving a particular goal by whatever literary means possible. His readings of biblical text are often tendentious. He insists on plain, literal readings when it benefits his ideological goals; he insists as passionately on complicated spiritualized readings when they suit his ideological goals better. He denies the presence of any real problems in the text that have led to the interpretations of his opponents. He summarizes the theology of opponents in ways they might not recognize. Fairness to others is a requirement in life; it is not, apparently, a requirement in writing theology.

All of this is common in scholarship, and I probably wouldn't comment on it in most books. But it grew increasingly painful to read it here because it smacked so strongly of hypocrisy. Maybe Yoder is right, and the refusal to regard our personal welfare is an essential part of a righteous life. But that is not the book he wrote.

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