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by Mary B. Morrison

First of all, this book gave me a headache. When it first arrived at the library, I was intrigued by the synopsis and since so many people had rave reviews about Mary B. Morrison’s books, I decided that I would read it.This was the first and the last time that I will read one of her books. Normally, when I’m really interested in a book, I can finish it within a day or two, tops.It took me two weeks to read this book.There were way too many things going on at once.

*Spoiler Alert*
I started out hating Lincoln because he proposed to two women on the same day. I felt that it was very selfish of him and I thought that the women were very naïve.I felt that Mona Lisa was wrong for taking the ring because she was no longer in a relationship with Lincoln and she knew that he was still in a relationship with Katherine.

Then, he has sex with both of them and gets both of the women pregnant.Katherine decides to keep the baby and wait for Lincoln to return from the army, while Mona Lisa aborts her baby and ends up marrying Steven, who turns out to be a hit man.

The author never goes into any back story about who Steven is working for and how he ended up doing such a crazy job.We know that he has been madly in love with Mona since the second grade, but she is still so obviously in love with Lincoln, who by the way, NEVER writes homes or keeps in contact with anyone in his family or these two women that he strings along for 10 years. A normal woman would’ve said screw him, but they were dumb enough to continue to wait.

Mona decides to leave Steven and ends up with another man who somehow falls in love with her, named Davis. Steven follows them around and becomes a peeping Tom while his wife sexes this man all over town, in parks and parking lots and then he follows her to this man’s home. He kills Davis and when Mona Lisa sees what he has done, does Steven kill her? NO. He leaves his wife alone with the body so that she can take a bath and clean up. WTF? He even tells her that he will give her some alone time and then come back to help her clean up the mess that HE made.

When Lincoln returns from the war, he still doesn’t contact anyone because he has PTSD, but when he becomes homeless, he decides to call these women, not to say I love you and I missed you, but to ask for money. The dirty dog.And Katherine, the dummy, gives it to him. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.Then both of these women rush to comfort this man, who hasn’t seemed to give a damn about either one of them.And it gets more confusing from there.

For the sake of not completely giving away the story, I will say that this was one jumbled mess, complete with awkward sex scenes with misplaced intimacy.This could have really been a great book if the author had read through it again and realized that it was not complete and that there were too many holes.I can’t even give it a two star. I’m still so confused.I need my Advil now.

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