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by Grace Draven

What a shame this had to happen to Draven; and she was one of the good ones about putting out serials on her website-

Update:I have deleted all narrative text regarding GASLIGHT HADES.I’m posting this here and at my FB pages:

While this is long and of minute importance to readers, it is important to indie authors and will affect how I’m doing things now and in the future.


Even if you’re not an indie author, I hope you’ll read it.I have and will change the way I do things based on this article.I’ve already had to deal with the issues of proving I’m the legitimate copyright holder of Radiance due to Amazon bots finding pirated copies of the rough draft.This latest thing this indie author is going through is something I really don’t want to have to deal with.As such, because some scammer asshole has to piss in the pool and ruin it for everyone, I’ve deleted the existing chapters of GASLIGHT HADES from my website and will no longer post rough drafts of works to my blog.

Sorry y’all.I had great fun doing it, but this kind of bullshit is the stuff that makes you want to throw up your hands and say “screw this shit; I quit!”And if this article is any indicator, Amazon isn’t all that concerned about the problem.So as much as I’d like to share Gaslight Hades (and future projects with you) on my blog, I can’t.

Again, my sincerest apologies.

Will be waiting impatiently for the whole book at the end of the year, Grace...


Ooooh...another serial, how nice!!! :)


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