ePUB2 New Joy of Sex/More Joy of Sex ePUB2

by Alex Comfort

First saw The New Joy of Sex in a bookstore when I was a 12 yr old boy. I got a pre-teen boner looking at the pictures and somehow remained obsessed with it -or rather with the images. There was no internet at the time so I'd go back to the store when I could and sneak furtive looks at the hand drawings of 'La Negresse' or 'the Wheelbarrow'.

Fast forward another twelve years and the obsession is long-gone, the internet and my social life are proving to be adequate outlets for sexual thrills. Then one day, my dad just hands it to me. "You might learn a thing or two" he said. I laughed and put it aside a few years before finally reading it. I'm glad I did.

It's an impressive book. In today's pornography-driven sexuality this book is 'the light'. It approaches the sex act somewhat academically, but not without lightness and a fair bit of humour. Alex Comfort knows what women want -and what men want too, obviously. Did it change my sex life? Yes, to some extent. It's a book that promotes sexual values driven by love, respect, mutual understanding, and an open-mind to exploration. It sounds simple, but adhering to these makes a difference -and it makes everyone involved very happy.

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ePUB2 New Joy of Sex/More Joy of Sex
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