ePUB2 The Second Treatise of Government/A Letter Concerning Toleration ePUB2

by John Locke

A masterpiece that refined ideas of the early political philosophers (Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau) into what became American government.I can understand why the Federalist authors relied on Locke and see directly his influence in those works.All of the key elements are there: libertarianism (trade-off of commonwealth to protect property against the initiation of force), balance of powers, ultimate recourse of the people, state of nature, benefits of commonwealth, justice.He builds with the elements of power — slavery is not a right but a sustained state of war, paternal power is different than power of the government. Regarding robbery, he contrasts the effect of that done by an individual with that done by government, the former being abhorrent, the latter lauded.Regarding the fall of government, Locke draws distinctions between conquest (external), usurpation (internal), tyranny (internal with the benefit going to the tyrant), and degradation into anarchy.The basis of political society is that people give up their natural right of force available in a state of nature to get the protection of property, which includes threat of punishment and legal recourse.The latter provides for the third branch of government.Regarding monarchy, he shows that almost all forms were at some point elective, originally when a king was designated and accepted; later anytime that decision is validated.The legislative is the first and supreme power, being directly designated by the people.

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ePUB2 The Second Treatise of Government/A Letter Concerning Toleration
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