ePUB2 Bittersweet Creek and Other Stories ePUB2

by Christopher Rowe

My pick of the five was "Men of Renown." It's not every day you get to read about biblical giants (well-researched ones) with a modern zeal. While the others were good, they kind of left me hanging. Often, the tales set in Bittersweet Creek seemed content to rely upon vernacular, and establishing the American Gothic setting, instead of delivering better endings and more substance, making the stories all that they could be. I loved "Sally Harpe" until Roy Barlowe is suddenly able to tear the antlers off of a deer to use in a fist fight. I thought "Kin to Crows" was great until Japheth Sapp made me long for Brandon Lee. I don't know, man. How many times can a plot end with a character nearly going blind, then trying to exact revenge?

I am glad I read this book. It did entertain me. I just don't think it deserves to be called [checks back cover] 'the sunlight of literature's regard.'

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ePUB2 Bittersweet Creek and Other Stories
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