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by Geoffrey Wolff

I can't articulate or even formulate in my mind why I liked this book, but I did.

Only two little bits to quote:
"What would it be like to wake up in such a place as [Malta], to make it through the day to dark, to lie down there knowing you would wake there, unbroken cycle,no more to be expected than what you already knew? And not just the poverty of the place. The prison of it. To be stuck anywhere. Seattle, lakeside, in a pretty house. To KNOW that tomorrow would be no more than today."

Isn't that just life. I mean, really. Ugh, right? But would you trade it for chaos and trauma? Can't you still learn something and have value in the quiet?

and mostly unrelated, but thematic for sure:
"This isn't some damned sprint I'm in. This is a long-distance event, and stamina counts, and I can train myself for stamina. What's wrong with this country [this life], it's all finals. Final exams, final heats, final matches, sets, games, points, final words...."

The idea of "indisputable failure" and trying for that or just seeking the journey, not the end may be why I enjoyed this book. Perhaps. A lesson I need help learning.

I think I liked the book because it has made me think. And I'm still thinking. I wish I had someone to discuss it with, actually... maybe that makes it book club fodder (for the right club). At any rate, this is a keeper for my shelf, and not exclusively because I happen to have my hands on a signed first edition. :)

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