ePUB2 Hammer & Helm (d20 System) (d20 System) (Races of Renown) ePUB2

by Jesse Decker

The hammer-swinging, ale-gulping dwarf is a staple of any fantasy campaign, but there's more to these stout folk than horned helmets and a lust for battle. Hammer & Helm, a player's toolkit packed with character options, explores dwarf culture through a plethora of expertly designed rules by Dragon Magazine editor Jesse Decker. With new feats (including new types such as bloodline and bonding feats), prestige classes, subraces, spells, and equipment, Hammer & Helm lets you completely customize your dwarf character. The first of Green Ronin's Races of Renown sourcebooks, Hammer & Helm sets the standard for d20 race books.

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ePUB2 Hammer & Helm (d20 System) (d20 System) (Races of Renown)
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