ePUB2 Guardians Watch (The Devastation Wars #3) ePUB2

by Eric T. Knight

The prison is failing and Melekath reaches through the cracks to spread his poison. His Guardians have already exacted vengeance on two of the gods who warred against him and the other gods have fled, leaving mankind to its fate.

Their homeland destroyed, the Takare survivors flee to the lowlands. The fiercest warriors Atria has ever known have once again taken up arms, killing the Guardian Kasai’s soldiers wherever they find them. Only Shakre sees the jaws of Kasai’s trap closing on them, but they no longer heed her.

Kasai’s army marches and Wulf Rome knows Qarath’s only hope is to meet the army in battle at the doomed ruins of Guardians Watch. But Rome knows mortal flesh and steel won’t be enough to defeat the powers that face them. He needs Quyloc’s to finish the rendspear, the powerful weapon forged in the shadow world of the Pente Akka.But this time a hunter is waiting for Quyloc. Now it is up to Rome to save his old friend before the hunter drains him and traps him in the Pente Akka forever.
Netra saved Shorn’s life on the Plateau, and he is bound to a life he cannot bear, chained by a debt he can never repay. Over time, Netra’s fight to save her world becomes a cause he can believe in, and maybe a chance to finally redeem his guilt. But when Netra learns what the Guardian Tharn has done to her family, she spirals down into darkness until it seems the only way out means breaking her most sacred vows.

As the final battle against Kasai’s army looms, none realize how much of their fate is in the hands of one desperate young woman and the decisions she makes.

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