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by Garrett Robinson

Children in Our World. Heroes in Another.

What if you and your friends went to another world every time you went to sleep?

What if you spent half your life on Earth and the other half fighting for survival against foes too terrible to be real?

And what if you could never tell anyone?

This is reality for the Realm Keepers: six kids from Earth thrust into a terrifying war between Midrealm and Chaos. Plucked from their ordinary lives and given extraordinary powers, they're the only thing standing between us and destruction.

In Episode Two, Calvin and the other Realm Keepers must begin to adjust to their new lives. Because while they are now the heroes of Midrealm, responsible for saving two universes from the encroachment of Chaos, they still have lives here on Earth. But if Midrealm goes unprotected, more lives than their own will be lost...

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ePUB2 Realm Keepers
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