ePUB2 The Desperate Road (Wells Fargo Express: Remington Colt #1) ePUB2

by Murray Pura

‘The Desperate Road’ is an intriguing and exciting beginning to Murray Pura’s new Wells Fargo Express Series, which takes us to the Wild West where this tale commences with a Bang! Gunfire directed toward a stagecoach and its occupants has a bullet slamming into the wall just above an elderly woman’s head. The billowing dust that’s stirred up from the wheels of the coach swells as the driver urges the horses faster with shouts and the cracking of his whip. Screams ensue from the elderly woman but the two gentlemen sitting opposite her remained unmoved by neither her nor the beautiful young woman growing increasingly irritated at them for their inaction. That is, until the gentlemen realize they were under attack from the infamous Pittman gang!

Remington Holt and Amos Drewery are the two Wells Fargo agents on their way to St. Louis. They work for President Grant and have been investigating a group of men set on the President’s downfall and intent on ruining his administration, causing rampant lawlessness that’s plaguing the West. But what is unearthed promises a much bigger fight on their hands than they’d originally thought. Facing the nefarious Pittman outlaws in a gun battle may very well end up being a picnic in the park compared to what’s ahead of them.

The other travelers aboard the unlucky stagecoach were a preacher and a beautiful young woman who goes by the name of Celestial Farr. With golden hair, the bluest of eyes, and a deadly aim with her golden engraved revolver… all but had Remington completely smitten by the time he’d disembarked at their destination. But who is this mysterious and alluring woman that has captivated Remington, and will he survive her charms? And what will Remington and Amos find out in St. Louis that has their heads spinning?

Murray Pura has written a story that not only captures the Wild West in its pages, but rounds up some of the most entertaining dialogue packed with wit and clever repartee that keeps you on your toes throughout this cracker of a read. Looking forward with great anticipation to the next volume!

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