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by Edna O'Brien

Well this was a quare little book, the story of an emotionally bruised and battered young woman, an artist who works in glass. No coincidence that Willa's medium is as brittle and fragile as her emotional state. She shares a house (somewhere in Britain) with an Irish labourer and his wife—Tom and Patsy—who provide domestic services and security as well as some companionship in return for free rent. But all is not well in this self-created dysfunctional "family": Willa is having an "affair" (of sorts, as she's a technical virgin) with a married Jamaican fellow; Patsy is having an affair with ginger-headed Ron; and Tom is clue-less. How could it be well? On the verge of walking out of her marriage, Patsy's raunchy "love" missives to Ron are discovered, and all hell (aka Tom) breaks loose.

Written in the mid-'60s, after The Country Girls trilogy and August is a Wicked Month, the text, structure and plotting of the book are what may once have been called "experimental". While still exploring her early themes of female alienation and sexual repression, O'Brien's style in this slender volume reminded me of Elfrida Jelinek's work. Take that as a warning, if you will. I'm not sure if the book is still in print; I bought it at a second-hand shop on Fourth Avenue. The cover price of the Penguin paperback was 60p.

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