ePUB2 Dangerous Daddy's Bad Boy 1-4 (Dangerous Daddys, #1-4) ePUB2

by Alex Anders

Four stories where hot, athletic, hairless 18-year-olds, learn the hard way not to mess with their hard-bodied, dangerous, new daddies with large c*cks.

Book 1:
Taylor arrives home from college where he meets his new dad Colin. Dangerous and sexy, Colin lays down the law for Taylor igniting a desire in the hard bodied boy that can only be quenched by a terrifyingly erotic encounter.

Book 2:
Zac steals cash and is caught by his new dad Eric. Armed with his sexy, prison perfected body, Eric takes Zac into the showers and teaches the gorgeous high school athlete a lesson with a terrifying erotic encounter that quenches the young boy’s secret desires.

Book 3:
Brad chases his new son Criss into the woods when some of his drug stash goes missing. Finding the boy naked, the hard-bodied cop handcuffs the gorgeous athlete and fulfills both of their secret fantasies as he unleashes his sadistic interrogation techniques on the sexually charged delinquent.

Book 4:
Chase is arrested and ‘The Sarge,’ Chase’s new dad, uses his drill sergeant training to get his sexy 18-year-old son back on the right course. Armed with a cattle prod for motivation, The Sarge humiliates his naked boy in front of the neighbors and breaks him down with a secret sexual fantasy that they both unknowingly share.

18,000 words

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

“Stop. Take off your f**king clothes, put them in a locker and get into the shower,” Eric commanded.

Hearing this, Zac's cock immediately became hard again. His heart raced and he shook like a leaf. But without another word of objection, Zac slowly removed his shirt, and then his pants. Knowing his c*** was brick hard, he got to his underwear and stopped. Putting his hands in front of his c***, he turned his body to face Eric and looked away.

“What, you think you can shower in your underwear in prison? Take off your f**kin' underwear.”

Eric watched as, after a slight hesitation, Zac pulled off his underwear. What bounced behind Zac's young smooth hands was a surprisingly ample eight inch c*** that rivaled his own in length but not thickness. Eric stared at Zac's c*** and after a few seconds felt his own growing hard.


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ePUB2 Dangerous Daddy's Bad Boy 1-4 (Dangerous Daddys, #1-4)
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